Fiero Initiative was established with a mission to make games that generate a feeling of "Fiero" in our players.

“Fiero” – possibly the most primal emotional rush we can experience. Fiero is the Italian word for “pride.” It’s what we feel after triumph over adversity. We almost all express fiero in the same way:  we throw our arms over our head and yell." (Jane McGonigal, Reality is Broken).

Fiero is a feeling we've all experienced whether it be at work, in life, in love, or in play. It is a great feeling and we strive to bring you more opportunities to experience it.

Meet the people who bring Fiero Initiative to life:

Ryoga About.png

Ryoga Mizuno:

Chief Executive Officer, Lead Game Designer, Lore Master

Our fearless leader who has pushed to bring his ideas to life.Our fearless leader who has pushed to bring his ideas to life.

Lea About.png

Lea Schlanger:

Chief Operating Officer, Game Designer, Content Developer

“With 4 grants under my belt, a love of games, and a skill set ranging from anthropological study to content development to data analytics, I can bring any project to life.”

Pete About.png

Peter POP Art:

Art Director

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