The Churrap are an aerial species that made their home in the upper altitudes of their home world. With large wings on their backs, the Churrap are masters of the sky. One element that distinguishes the Churrap is the presence of a secondary set of wings on the torso. Smaller than the wings on their backs, this additional set of wings allow the Churrap to steer in the sky with great speed and precision.

From early in their history, the Churrap always strove to soar higher than their ancestors and amongst the stars. This drive is seen in their technological and biological growth. As generation after generation invented what they could to fly higher and higher, it was a genetic mutation that truly launched the Churrap forward in their development. Appearing initially as a single flexible digit, those who had this biological anomaly became highly desirable in society. As millennia past, this digit became two then three eventually culminating into something akin to a human hand. From there, not even the sky was the limit.

Before there were starships, the Churrap learned, as humans did, how to fight with weapons. Because of the high altitudes that the Churrap grew in, food was scarce. Fights would break pout between tribes. As tribes would become more powerful, weaker Churrap would gang up on the stronger. As they learned to cooperate, they incorporated this flocking tactic to their military. The bulk of their fleet is made up of highly maneuverable ships reinforced with advanced structural integrity fields.