H’ssuk Empire

The H’ssuk Empire has been a presence in the galaxy, pre-dating the existence of humans by at least 65 million years. The H’ssuk are a long-lived, lizard-like people whose ability to hibernate allows them to travel much further distances across space. While not as aggressive in their colonization of Orion’s Spur, the H’ssuk can be found on many planets and moons furthering their research that they may present their findings to their Emperor and the Imperial Family.

For much of their history, the H’ssuk had a clan-based society where the strongest became the leaders. At times, quick successions of clan leaders and changes in the ruling council resulted in major losses of people and resources. After The Tragedy, the remaining H’ssuk called for a new governing system.

Led by the Red clan, a new government was established based not on strength, but by the virtues of one’s clan. The Red clan became known for their wisdom and decision making resulting in them being the leaders of the H’ssuk. Other clans became known for their scientific prowess, their mercantile abilities, and even their strength. Over time, members of their clans began to share one key identifier: their feather color. By the color of one’s feathers, it was easy to determine what skills someone had and where they came from. Eventually, H’ssuk society resembled that of a caste system where a person’s feather color determined their career in life. At the top of this society sat those who could trace their lineage back to Red Clan as shown by their red feathers.

The H’ssuk clans have spread across numerous systems in their sector of the galaxy. While not openly hostile, there are occasional skirmishes along their borders; a remnant of their past.