Mroo'Shen Captain.png

The open planes and steppes of the Argerus system’s third planet are the home of the Mroo’shen Pride lands. These large humanoid cats tamed the lands of their home world early in their development. During this time, they learned how to take care of the land as they harvested it for resources. Food and water did become more challenging as the prides grew in population. This led to a higher level of control over the peoples of the Mroo’shen.

Over time, as resources became scarcer, the Mroo’shen began to make use of domesticating other animals to help with resource gathering. Eventually, they began to reach use their own criminals, and undesirables as labour for these tasks.  This practice continued as they began to conquer the stars. Individuals were given a chance to atone through service to the ckans. Many were able to rejoin the rest of society after their term of service.

Having these “menials” available to do the hard work allowed the “Nobles” to work on cultural and scientific pursuits. Over the centuries they began to realize how few resources were left on their home world. This pushed them to look to the stars for new sources. They would only colonize a few worlds at a time. If the colonies they held provided enough resources, no new colonies would be founded. This practice has kept them small compared with other space faring races.