Terran Federation

As space travel technology improved, the humans spread across the Sol system, establishing colonies on as many planets and moons as they could (Mars and Jupiter proved to be quite popular). For the harsher, more hazardous planets, like Venus, humanity turned to genetic engineering. From physical appearance to internal biochemical systems, these genetically altered humans were custom made for the lands they would inhabit.

  • The Greys of Mars were able to withstand radiation, but the procedure resulted in turning the skin a pale grey color.

  • The Elves of Venus could breathe the noxious fumes of the atmosphere and withstand Venus’ high temperatures.

  • The Dwarves of Io had the mass to work in low gravity and the strength to perform heavy construction.

  • The Gnomes of Ceres became known for their small, light frames, allowing them to navigate and confined spaces with ease.

These groups and all who were genetically altered in some fashion became known as Gennies.

I’ve seen a lot of things in my time, but that won’t stop me from moving forward.

Overtime, the humans on Earth began to see the Gennies as no longer being human. Most didn’t live on Earth and in some cases, couldn’t survive in the Earth’s atmosphere without aid. Pure humans or “Earthers” considered themselves better than their genetically altered counterparts and implemented a number of policies reducing the Gennies to second-class citizens. Eventually, this animosity developed into the Republican Civil War.

Beginning with The Revolt on Mars, humans across the entire Sol system were dragged into the conflict resulting in humanity’s first stellar war. With billions of lives lost an no end in sight, the Gennie’s launched one final assault on Earth itself. Under threat of annihilation, the humans of Earth surrendered. From the conflict emerged a new governing body, the Terran Federation. In the first Constitutional article, it was declared that all humanoids that could trace their evolutionary chain back to homo sapiens were considered human and had equal rights regardless of physical appearance or home world.

Since the emergence of the Terran Federation, humans, now collectively known as Terrans, have traveled beyond the borders of the Sol system and continue to establish colonies in the nearby solar systems.